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Do a good job of developing the space layout and coordinating the tourism resources products. The Municipal Planning Bureau will take multiple measures to serve the fairy lake to create a 5A scenic spot.

[Font: Small , Medium, Large ] [Release Date: 2018-06-27 07:33] [Source: Xinyu Daily] [Publisher: Reporter Nie Minmin Correspondent Yao Jiamin]

In recent years, the Municipal Planning Bureau has resolutely implemented the strategic work deployment of the "Scenery and Beauty City" of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, accelerated the preparation and improvement of the planning system, made good development space layout, coordinated rich tourism resource products, and integrated the characteristics of tourism resource distribution and product themes. The development status and trend of regional and regional tourism are included in the plan, helping to promote the creation of a national 5A-level tourist scenic spot on Fairy Lake as scheduled.

Aiming at the all-regional, all-elements, all-season, and all-inclusive global tourism destinations of "urban and rural scenic spots and regionalization," the Municipal Planning Bureau will cooperate with the Municipal Tourism Development Commission to compile city, county (district) regional tourism plans, Deepen the "tourism +" industry, vigorously develop ecological tourism, fully tap cultural resources such as fairy culture, heavenly culture, bouldering culture, ceramic art culture, and create cultural tourism products and tourism products with Xinyu characteristics.

Provide planning services around the tourism industry of Xiannv Lake District. The Bureau guided and cooperated with the Xiannv Lake District to complete the "Fairy Lake Scenic Area Master Plan (2007-2025)", the overall planning of towns and villages in the area of the Fairy Lake District, the Fairy Lake Wharf Reception Center, and the Fairy Lake Phoenix Entertainment Park. A series of controlled detailed planning for Guanchao Town Tourism Base, Hexia Town Longfu Tourism Area, Yangtiangang South Area and other areas have improved the planning system of Xiannv Lake District. At the same time, in accordance with the overall deployment of the city's key rural work, we will make every effort to promote the planning and improvement of rural housing and achieve full coverage of the planning and preparation of more than 20 villages in our city. Strengthen the construction of supporting facilities for rural environmental sanitation, and promote the protection of rural tourism, characteristic towns and traditional villages. The cooperation with counties and districts has completed the application of provincial-level characteristic towns of Yuxia Town under the river, and the planning schemes of Xiacun Energy Storage Town and Luofang Modern Agricultural Cycle Town have been completed. Completed the preparation of 10 traditional village protection plans, 3 villages were included in the list of traditional Chinese villages, 6 villages were included in the list of traditional villages in the province, and they made every effort to be a "back garden" in the beautiful countryside.

Aiming at the difficulty of parking, the Municipal Planning Bureau has compiled the “Special Plan for Parking Facilities in Xinyu City Center (2017-2030)” to strengthen inspections of key areas and strengthen parking planning construction management, operation management, and order management. Through the construction of platforms such as the parking guidance system and parking information management, a comprehensive intelligent and information-based parking management system is established, and parking facilities in tourist attractions are arranged and arranged to increase the supply of parking berths for parking and tourist reception in the urban area of the city and improve the urban environment. Enhance tourism reception capabilities. At the same time, we will implement the requirements for "decentralization of service" and work hard to serve key projects in the Fairy Lake District. Open up green channels for major tourism-related projects and key engineering projects in Xiannv Lake District, and provide convenient and efficient planning approval services for tourism industry development projects.