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A forestry project in our city was selected as the first batch of national forestry industry investment fund project library

[Font: Small , Medium, Large ] [Release Date: 2018-06-26 07:36] [Source: Xinyu Daily] [Publisher: Correspondent Gao Lang, Jiao Hongbo, Correspondent of Ping Guowang]

Recently, the State Forestry and Grassland Bureau announced the first batch of projects and proposed plans for the National Forestry Industry Investment Fund project library. The “Forest Eco-Leisure Tourism Comprehensive Construction Project” of Kaiguang Xintiandi Agriculture and Forestry Development Co., Ltd., which was declared by the Municipal Forestry Bureau, was successfully entered into the database. Investment fund support.

Our city is an exquisite city with excellent ecology and humanities, superior natural conditions, pleasant scenery and warm and humid climate. It has a natural complex rich in biological resources such as Fairy Lake, Dagangshan, Yangtiangang, and Mengshan. In order to transform ecological advantages into economic advantages, and promote eco-tourism and green development, our city actively promoted the cooperation between Kaiguang Company and Yalin Center to determine the plan through inspection, comparison, and demonstration from the strategic height of protecting national biological resources and diversity. Construction. The project is based on the protection of ecological resources, adhering to the concept of green and low-carbon environmental protection construction and ecological restoration, focusing on high-end leisure and vacation development, creating a spiritual place for urban people to return to nature, and becoming a new demonstration of low-carbon ecological tourism development. It features 6 major specialized parks, covering a variety of landscapes such as countryside, mountain residences, flower streams, fruit valleys, and lakelights. It integrates a variety of formats such as local humanities, homestays, farming, amusement, and high-end services. And other multiple functions, with a total area of 6,200 acres and a total investment of 950 million yuan.

It is reported that in December 2016, the State Forestry Administration and China Construction Bank Co., Ltd. jointly initiated the establishment of an investment fund dedicated to promoting the development of the national forestry industry, with a total fund size of 100 billion yuan. The first batch of storage projects are led by leading enterprises and supported by industrial parks. They have new business formats, new technologies, new product characteristics, and promote the integration and development of primary, secondary, and tertiary industries, including ecological tourism management, forest medicinal materials, and health plant cultivation. , Woody oil, forest tree seedlings and flowers, wood and bamboo processing, undergrowth cultivation, forest food processing, biomass energy and other forestry industry types.