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Promote outstanding traditional culture and build local cultural brands

[Font: Small , Medium, Large ] [Release Date: 2018-06-12 07:32] [Source: Xinyu Daily] [Poster: Reporter Wu Xiaomin Correspondent Wu Rongda]

On June 2, Xinyu City ’s “Legend of Sweaters” in Xinyu City, which used the new text as the shooting outline, declared the “National Intangible Cultural Heritage” declaration film and officially started shooting. This move marked another solid step for the city's "legend of sweaters" to apply for the "legacy of the country."

In order to promote excellent traditional culture and build a local cultural brand, since the end of last year, our city has attached great importance to and promoted the third round of application for the "Legend of Sweaters" to apply for the "National Legacy". "Declaration of national non-heritage protection sites. Further improve the organizational structure specifications, clearly led by the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, and Technology, as the specific lead protection unit, and the county heads are responsible for the protection mechanism within the jurisdiction, and excavate and organize relics throughout the country; according to the latest findings, establish the The pedigree has been adjusted to take the “field picking sweaters to discuss fairies” in Yangtian Village, Hexia County, Fairy Lake District as the main line, and the story of “Cowboy and Weaver Girls” in the south village of Dongcun, Fenyi County as the second main line. The "Yinhan Bridge Story" is a new line of text declaration for the auxiliary line, and the revised text was repeatedly revised by the relevant expert leaders.

During the rest of the period, the shooting team successively visited Yangtian Village, Xiannv Lake Scenic Area, Guanchao Village in Xiannv Lake District, Yinhan Bridge in High-tech Zone, Nancun Village in Fenyi County, Cowherd and Weaving Cave, Living Passage in Xiabu Skill Township, and Qiaoqiao Village in Yushui District And the ancient bridges in Yaobaiqiao Village and other places to shoot scenes and shoot a lot of material for the "Legend of Sweaters" application for "National Legacy". After the shooting, the post-production will be completed as soon as possible, and a sample film will be formed for the expert leader to revise and review.

"The Legend of Sweaters" originated from Xinyu, telling the story of a woman in a sweater (feather fairy) who married a man in Xinyu and gave birth to a daughter. After the man broke the taboo, the fairy returned to heaven. Human and animal marriage legend type. This legend appeared very early, and it is well documented for more than 1,600 years. The Eastern Jin writer Qian Bao recorded the detailed and detailed process of the sweater women in Yuzhang Xinyu (now Xinyu) in "Sou Shen Ji · Volume Fourteen Sweater Women". "Sweater Girl" is the archetype of the Chinese swan maiden story. It is clear that the new figure of Yuzhang (now Xinyu) is the place where the story happened: for the first time, it was recorded that the goddess (goddess, weaver girl) came to the world in a "sweater" and was "the cowherd and the weaver girl". The formation of the legend provided the way, tools and ways for the heavenly girl to go to earth; the first time that the sweater woman was married to a man on the earth and had offspring; the first time that the fairy was born to six or seven people, which was the birth of the legend of "seven fairy girls" Provides important information. Xinyu sweater women's legends are rich in content, including "Sweater Girls (Luxian) Xia Fan", "Sweater Girls", "Girls Capture the Mirror", "Seven Sisters and He Xiucai", "The Origin of Fairy Lake", "The Legend of the Fairy Bridge", "Zhongshanxia Spoken texts such as Legend of Stone Carving and Fox Fairy Companion; there are linguistic landscapes related to women's descendants such as Fenghuangmen, Fenghuangchi, Luofengtan, Guanchao (former stork's nest) village, Xiqiao Village, Jixianqiao, etc .; there are Folk custom activities such as “Qiao Qiao Festival” and tea-picking show “Seven Sisters Going Down to the Earth” with distinctive regional characteristics; there are new place names and new road names such as Fairy Lake Scenic Area, Cowherd Weaver Cave, Fairy Lake Avenue, Huixian Island, Fairy Lake Primary School and so on. Folklore special stamps were issued for the Cowherd and Weaver Girl, the TV series "Seven Fairies" and "Fairy Lake" were filmed, and the "Hometown of the Seven Fairy Legends of China" and the "Hometown of Chinese Napkin Skills" were all conscious modern inheritance actions, which effectively expanded the "sweater women" The spread and influence of this oral tradition in modern society. Sweater legends endure in Xinyu, Jiangxi. With the development of society and economy, a single oral text has evolved into multiple living forms, forming a complete sweater female legend ecosystem. Xinyu sweater women's legend spread widely. A large number of oral texts were left in more than thirty towns in Yushui District, Xiannv Lake District, and Fenyi County of Xinyu City. It has also been passed down from generation to generation in many ethnic groups in China, including Jiangxi, Hubei, Anhui, and Guangdong. The Legend of Women in Sweaters, as a local oral legend, is passed down from generation to generation in the form of word of mouth. There are many tellers of this legend, including Liu Qinghua of Yangtian Village, Huang Binsheng of Nancun Village, Ruan Baixian of Hanyuan Village, and Liu Yide of Xiqiao Village. The theme of the Legend of Xinyu Sweaters is the unity of heaven and man, sincere love, which conveys the desire and pursuit of a better life for generations from generation to generation.