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"One core, one circle and three areas" promote the development of tourism. In the first half of the year, the city received a total of 18.8576 million tourists. The total tourism revenue was 18.389 billion yuan.

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After the city was identified as the second batch of national comprehensive tourism demonstration zones, the municipal party committee and government attached great importance to the creation work, concentrated their efforts, and actively acted, continuously strengthened the development of tourism resources, optimized the tourism industry structure, improved the supporting functions of urban tourism, and accelerated Industry integration and development, and strive to improve the quality of tourism industry and market competitiveness, the city gradually formed a "one core, one circle, three areas" tourism development pattern. From January to June this year, the city received a total of 18.8576 million tourists, a year-on-year increase of 30.03%; total tourism revenue was 18.389 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 35.47%.

The so-called "one core, one circle, three areas" refers to the core of urban cultural tourism, the urban leisure tourism circle, Xiannv Lake-Dagangshan Ecological Tourism Area, Baizhang Peak-Luofang Leisure Resort Area, Mengshan Karst Cave Exploratory Tourism Area . The Second Plenary Session of the Eighth Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee clearly stated that "the beauty of the mountains and rivers, the vigorous development of tourism, and let Xinyu become the tourist destination that people long for" provide important guidelines for promoting the development of the city's overall tourism. At present, the first draft of the "Xinyu Global Tourism Development Plan" has been completed, which indicates that the city's tourism industry is making great strides towards global tourism.

In 2017, 15 new tourism projects were signed in our city, with a total investment exceeding 3 billion yuan, of which 10 were more than 100 million yuan. Major projects such as Qixi Town, Kuanxin Town, Happy World, Love Nest Town, Luofang Nanying Comprehensive Development Project will be introduced. Establish a tourism project assistance mechanism to help promote a number of new landscape attractions such as Moore Manor, Kaiguang Happy Valley Water Park, Changfang Resort Xianghe Garden, and Antique Street, and put them into operation. Taking events and festivals as an opportunity to increase the supply of products in the tourism market, companies are encouraged to develop distinctive tourism souvenirs, enrich the types of tourism products, and increase their attractiveness to tourists.At the same time, it will promote the integration and development of the whole region, and integrate agriculture, industry, culture, and sports In combination, we will make the most of the effect of tourism "borderless industries".

In order to highlight the "dragon head" of the Fairy Lake Scenic Area, the city created a national 5A-level scenic spot around the tourism Fairy Lake, and sorted out 56 optimization and improvement projects in 10 categories. In order to expand the influence of tourism culture and promote the creation of the National 5A Scenic Area, Fairy Lake Scenic Area is open to the citizens of the six counties and districts of New Yiji and the three places in West Jiangxi for free. With the image of the tourism brand of "Fairy and the Land of Boulders" as the starting point, we will continue to increase the overall packaging and promotion of tourism products, expand the marketing area, and increase the visibility and influence of Xinyu tourism brands.

While vigorously developing tourism resources, the city also focused on improving the service level of the industry, issued the "Notice on Further Strengthening the Comprehensive Supervision of the Tourism Market", clarified the regulatory responsibilities of relevant departments, and implemented a "double random and one open" spot check of the tourism market. Investigate and punish false travel advertisements, unreasonably low-price travel, and illegal operation of travel agency business. Full implementation of tourism electronic contracts and electronic tour guides, in-depth security inspections and rectifications, the establishment of 30 tourism volunteer service sites in the city, and the implementation of "optimizing the development environment and improving service skills" practice activities within the city's tourism industry, all 25 travel agencies in the city all Sign a letter of commitment on the integrity management of travel agencies to promote full coverage of travel agency liability insurance.