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Reminder: Please take your vacation guide!

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Xinyu Wenguang New Tourism Bureau especially reminds you: pay attention to trips on peaks, pay close attention to weather changes, pay attention to food hygiene and safety, follow safety tips in scenic spots, promote civilized tourism, and respect the customs of tourist destinations.

For tourists participating in tour groups, please note the following:

First, choose a regular travel agency. For tourists participating in group tours, it is recommended to choose a qualified and well-known travel agency to register. We must be more vigilant in soliciting tourism activities under the names of "buying health care products and giving free travel" and "fueling free travel vouchers", and refuse to participate in order to prevent falling into the "travel shopping trap."

2. Sign a standardized tourism contract. Before traveling with the group, tourists must sign a tourism contract with the tour organizer, and when paying the group fee, they must first remit to the official account of the travel agency and obtain a formal invoice. Refuse to pay to a stranger WeChat, do not trust the other party's various commitments, the other party is likely to be fraudulent and find it difficult for them to breach their rights in the future.

Third, choose the right tourism products. When choosing travel products, you should act according to your age and physical condition. It is recommended that the elderly participate in all-inclusive tours, and do not greet cheap items at their own expense or low-cost tour groups that take care of themselves. Otherwise, they may encounter unpleasant situations during travel. It is recommended to carefully choose high-risk tourism projects, and pay close attention to the weather, traffic, and public security of the tourism destination at any time. Participating in outbound tours can pay attention to the overseas security risk alert information issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Culture and Tourism, and prepare in advance.

Fourth, rational shopping consumption. In particular, be more cautious about products that promote health products. Avoid impulse consumption, do not blindly follow the recommendations of merchants, and do not follow the trend "everyone can buy it, I can also buy it", especially jade, latex supplies, silk quilts, traditional Chinese medicine and other products often encounter complaints and want to return but do not return. In the event of deception, coercion or disguised deception or forced consumption, you can call 110 and report a complaint to the National Tourism Service Platform 12301.

5. Properly safeguarding rights in accordance with law. Tourists encounter difficulties during the tour, and can seek help from tour guides (leaders), tourism companies, and local government departments. When traveling abroad, you can dial "+ 86-10-12308" to ask the local embassy or consulate for help. When a dispute arises, tourists should calmly respond to it, reasonably defend their rights, and it is not appropriate to expand the situation or intensify contradictions through excessive behavior. If the negotiation fails or cannot be resolved temporarily, pay attention to keeping and keeping relevant evidence materials.

6.Telecom complaint phone: 12301 Xinyu City complaint phone: 0790--6420858