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Electrician training

[Font: Small , Medium, Large ] [Release Date: 2019-12-04 08:56] [Source: Xinyu Daily] [Publisher: Photo by reporter Ling Houxiang]

On November 27, hosted by the Fairy Lake Logistics Park Management Committee, Jingdong Yun and Xinli e-commerce incubation parks hosted the Jingdong Yunxinyu e-commerce enterprise empowerment training and Beijing Tokyo Hi (Xinyu) Merchants Association Xinxu Lake in Xiannv Lake Business Incubation Park was held. The training centered on "Introduction of Jingdong Platform and Settlement, Introduction of Jingdong's Rush Business", which aims to better meet the development needs of our e-commerce enterprises on the JD platform, cultivate more high-end application talents for our e-commerce industry, and promote our Development of the city's e-commerce.