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The municipal government's party group held a special democratic life meeting "Don't forget the original intention and remember the mission" hosted by Yu Wangying and gave a summary speech.

[Font: Small Medium Large ] [Release Date: 2019-12-10 08:20] [Source: Xinyu Daily] [Poster: Reporter Wang Ruogang]

In accordance with the specific requirements of the central, provincial, and municipal Party committees on the theme of "Don't forget their original intentions, remember their missions" and the Provincial Party's themed Education Office's specific requirements, on December 9, the municipal government party group held a "Don't forget their original intentions, remember missions" thematic democratic life meeting. Thematic democratic life will be based on the theme of “Don't forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind”. In accordance with General Secretary Xi Jinping's requirements of “Four Contrasts” and “Four Findings and Findings”, we will examine the problems, analyze them in depth, seriously carry out criticism and self-criticism, and propose The next step is rectification and implementation of measures to provide a strong political guarantee for promoting the city's high-quality economic and social development.

Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor He chaired and made a summary speech, and Guo Jia, the leader of the Provincial Party Committee's Fourth Circuit Steering Group, attended the meeting to give guidance.

Before the meeting, the municipal government party team made a series of careful preparations, organized pre-meeting study, extensively solicited opinions, talked in-depth, and wrote the team and individual thematic democratic life meetings to review and analyze the materials, thoroughly investigate the existing problems, and deeply analyze the problems. And clarify the next steps to rectify and lay a solid foundation for the democratic life.

During the meeting, Make a request to hold this special democratic life meeting, and conduct inspection and analysis on behalf of the municipal government party group. Then, still Taking the lead, the members of the municipal government's party team took a one-by-one approach, conducted personal inspections and analysis, and listened to critical opinions, which reflected the courage and determination to face problems, investigate and change, and played a good role in reminding each other and promoting solidarity.

still In his speech, he emphasized that it is necessary to build the political character of absolute loyalty, integrate absolute loyalty into the bloodstream, immerse it in the soul, further establish the "four consciousness", firm the "four self-confidence", and resolutely achieve "two safeguards." It is necessary to consciously strengthen the tempering of the party spirit, enhance political acuity and political discrimination, and keep a clear head and a firm stand on issues related to political principles and righteousness. We must resolutely and thoroughly eliminate the poisoning of the Hu Gaoping case and make every effort to promote special projects such as the renovation of illegal villas. action. It is necessary to persist in implementing the spirit of General Secretary Jinping ’s important instructions and instructions, the central government ’s policies, and the decision-making arrangements of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government, and the Municipal Party Committee as political responsibilities. Go up the stairs, change greatly next year.

still He stressed that it is necessary to adhere to the fundamental original intention of benefiting the people. Every member of the team must further establish the original heart of the people, work hard with precision, and continue to work hard to turn what the people expect into what the government wants to do, turn what the government is doing into what the mass supports, and make the government do What is done becomes something that benefits the masses. It is necessary to enhance the relationship with the people and ensure that the government's work is more in line with the people's hearts, respects the people's opinions, pays attention to the people's conditions, and is dedicated to people's livelihood. To fully absorb and absorb the good work experience of the masses in this thematic education process, we must not only comply with laws and regulations, but also pay attention to methods and methods. Be more patient and careful to ensure that the heart is better than the heart and let the good policies of the party and government benefit the people and the people. Into the hearts of everyone. It is necessary to strengthen the responsibility of practical work, earnestly change the style of work and implement it, establish a long-term mechanism, and let the courageous and good at implementing the distinctive characteristics of the city government system cadres and workers.

In his speech, the Guo family pointed out that since the education of the theme of “Not forgetting the original intention and remembering the mission” has been carried out, the party group of Xinyu City Government will continue to study and educate, investigate, examine problems, and implement rectification.The work is solid, distinctive, and effective. It achieved tangible results and achieved the expected results. In the next step, it is necessary to speak clearly about politics, to be more politically aware, to be more solid in learning, and to be more pragmatic in work. We must actively plan for reform and development and dare to take responsibility. We must do a good job of rectification and reform, and work together to promote development and harmony.

Relevant comrades of the Fourth Guiding Steering Group of the Provincial Party Committee and members of the municipal government party group attended the meeting.