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Fenyi County strongly promotes high-quality industrial economic development

[Font: Small , Medium, Large ] [Release Date: 2019-12-11 08:10] [Source: Xinyu Daily] [Publisher: Correspondent Yan Lu Tang Shuting, Reporter Nie Minmin]

Since the beginning of this year, Fenyi County has firmly implemented the "Industrial Strong County" strategy, benchmarking high-quality development requirements, concentrating advantages and development, deepening reform and increasing vitality, strengthening enterprises and improving the environment, and promoting industry through strong projects, strong assistance and strong innovation. The main economic indicators have grown steadily, and the industrial economy has shown steady progress and steady improvement.

Strengthen project drive and inject pillar strength. Always adhere to the "project is king" concept, grasp the "bull nose" of project construction, and fully promote the construction of key industrial projects. Jiangxi Yabao Lithium Co., Ltd.'s 2.5 million tons (Phase 1) lithium hydroxide project with an investment of 1.6 billion yuan was completed and put into operation, with a total output value of 1.36 billion yuan from January to October; Jiangxi Keneng Weida with an annual output of 1 billion ampere hours The first phase of the 400 million ampere-hour lithium battery project was put into operation, and the total industrial output value of 370 million yuan was completed from January to October.The second phase of the Fengsheng Copper Industry investment project with an annual output of 15,000 tons of copper bars with an investment of 60 million yuan was officially produced. The total industrial output value is 330 million yuan per month; the 2.50 million kilowatt-hour expansion project of Fenyi Power Plant with an investment of 5.05 billion yuan has completed a total investment of 3.5 billion yuan.

Strengthen assistance and drive to create a better service environment. Continuously issued policies such as the `` Country's Work Program for Accurate Assistance to the County in 2019 '' and the Work Program for Fenyi County's “Employees' Night Visits”, which were directly linked by county leaders, mainly industrial enterprises, and focused on key projects under construction in the county. To achieve full coverage with enterprises above designated size in normal production and operation. Through regular visits, advocating and implementing policies, formulating dynamics, grasping the development problems of enterprises in a timely manner, focusing on solving key and difficult problems of enterprises, and consolidating the effectiveness of assistance. Jiangxi Yabao Lithium Industry Co., Ltd., as the county's leading company in the lithium battery new material industry, has been a prominent issue in the production of natural gas. Knowing the problem of the enterprise, the county government organized relevant departments in time to specifically hold the gas distribution price coordination meeting of Jiangxi Yabao Company, clarify the gas distribution price and other related matters, and coordinate the implementation of the supplier and the supplier to reduce the gas distribution price, thereby reducing the production cost of the enterprise. And strengthened factor protection.

Strengthen the innovation drive and strengthen the solid stamina. The county thoroughly implemented the three-year action plan for the technological transformation of industrial enterprises in the province, further optimized the inventory, cultivated increments, continuously strengthened the dominant position of corporate technological innovation, continued to promote the technological transformation, innovation and upgrading of industrial enterprises, and promoted the county's industrial economic development to improve quality and efficiency. In recent years, under the guidance of the government, Jiangxi Shengtai Optical Co., Ltd. has obtained more than 10 new products, 5 new technologies and new processes, and applied for 25 patents. A number of technologies including "3D scanning module key technology research for smartphones" have been identified as leading in the country and have successfully transformed their results. The service-manufacturing pilot demonstration enterprise project and the two-dimensional bar code high-speed scanning module project applied for this year have all been supported by special funds for provincial industrial transformation and upgrading. Jiangxi Jiangforging Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. as a traditional forging company, in order to overcome the development difficulties of the enterprise, continuously change the development thinking, explore the road of innovation-driven development, extend the industrial chain on the basis of the original forging production, and set up a product processing line with a investment of 20 million Yuan was registered and established "Jiangxi Craftsman Parts Co., Ltd.", which is mainly engaged in the research and development and production of precision automobile parts. The products have high scientific and technological content and added value, and dig new economic growth points for enterprise development.