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Attention to the heating and cooling of poor households at all times Zhang Hang investigates poverty alleviation work

[Font: Small Medium Large ] [Release Date: 2019-12-11 08:16] [Source: Xinyu Daily] [Publisher: Reporter Wang Yao]

On December 10, Zhang Hang, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and deputy mayor, came to Nanbu Village, Guanchao Town, investigated poverty alleviation work, and visited and assisted the poor households who set up files.

There are 55 households in 23 households in Nanbu Village who have set up and set up cards, and 52 households have been lifted out of poverty. The village integrates funds from aid units, vigorously supports the development of poverty alleviation industrial bases based on the cultivation of traditional crops, actively seeks funds for poverty alleviation projects to build rural cement roads and drainage ditches, environmentally rectifies village groups, and constructs poverty alleviation photovoltaic power stations. Do a good job in the demolition of "three houses" and public toilets, and vigorously improve the appearance of the village. The SASAC helped the unit to provide great support and encouragement in the development of the poverty alleviation industry. It helped the cadres to establish "one-on-one" pairing assistance with 23 poor households, and provided 6 public welfare posts to work with the poor households. Solving the poverty problem.

At the village committee, Zhang Hang had in-depth exchanges with peasants, cadres, and poverty alleviation officials in the village to learn more about the development of the poverty alleviation work in Nanbu Village, the results achieved, and the problems that existed, and read the relevant information to check the account. Afterwards, Zhang Hang visited Zeng Xinren's home to help her understand her life. Because of the inconvenience of Zeng Xinren, it was difficult to go out and purchase. Before leaving, Zhang Hang repeatedly asked what winter and new year supplies were missing, and brought them with him at the next visit, and told the village cadres to timely understand the needs of the poor households in order to Help them solve problems for a while.

Zhang Hang demanded that the poverty alleviation cadres should always keep the poverty and warmth of the poor households in mind, understand the needs of the poor households in a timely manner, make every effort to solve practical problems, and implement the poverty alleviation policy to every family in need. At present, the fight against poverty has reached the critical stage of decisive battles and comprehensive termination. Helping cadres should give full play to the initiative of party members and cadres, go to the poor households to understand the actual situation, help the poor households come up with ideas and find ways to achieve true poverty alleviation. , Really help the poor, really get rid of poverty.