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[Internet + Public Employment Service] Takes a Substantive Step in Xinyu's Employment and Entrepreneurship Online Service Platform officially launched

[Font: Small , Medium, Large ] [Release Date: 2019-12-11 08:18] [Source: Xinyu Daily] [Poster: Reporter Wang Yao Correspondent Xie Min]

In order to further improve the construction of the city's public employment service system and meet the informatization needs of public employment and entrepreneurship services, the "Xinyu Employment and Entrepreneurship Online Service Platform" with the main goal of creating a public employment and entrepreneurship online service platform application has been polished for more than a year. At present, it has been officially launched. In the history of Xinyu's employment and entrepreneurship work, it has for the first time provided comprehensive online and offline business handling services to the masses, marking a substantial step for Xinyu's "Internet + public employment services".

The city's employment and entrepreneurship online service platform focuses on two types of service objects, namely units and individuals, to provide comprehensive online services and offline basic extension services, build a public employment service system that integrates online and offline, and realize the entire process of employment services and employment management information. To improve the efficiency and level of public employment services. The online service platform currently mainly implements the four functions of employment portal information, online service platform, online recruitment service, and college student employment.

It is understood that this platform has four distinctive features, such as a short message reminder platform, digital file management, diversified platform entry, and seamless connection with the "Ganfutong" business. All the services of the platform, including registration, can use SMS verification, and various business procedures will also provide functions such as warm reminders for SMS, which enables service clients to grasp the dynamic status of business operations without logging in. A digital archive information system was established to scan paper archives during the business process and establish a public employment archives management system to simultaneously perform disaster backup of relevant archive data and achieve information transmission with the public employment service system. The Xinyu employment and entrepreneurship online service platform has three entrances: PC, mobile and WeChat public service number. The service people can choose their favorite and commonly used login methods to handle related services, which greatly facilitates service users to log in to the system. The corporate recruitment information and personal job search on the service platform have seamlessly connected with the "Ganfutong" data business.

Xinyu employment and entrepreneurship online service platform is based on the target of service, in order to serve the people as the goal, to meet the "decentralized service" and "one-time run" reform requirements, to build "smart employment", to achieve standardized and integrated employment and entrepreneurship services, Intelligentization and refinement, the realization of non-discriminatory general practice acceptance and city-wide inter-office implementation, and truly achieving "let the data run more and the masses run less," will comprehensively improve the people's sense of gain. Follow-up will continue to improve and improve through the user experience, so that service customers can enjoy more convenient, efficient and better services, and strive to make Xinyu employment and entrepreneurship online service platform become the province's "Internet + public employment service" first demonstration point.