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Solve the problem, serve the people, serve the people bravely, perform the overall transformation and upgrading of the resettlement community in the high-tech zone, and start the comprehensive project

[Font: Small , Medium, Large ] [Release Date: 2019-12-11 08:14] [Source: Xinyu Daily] [Poster: Trainee Reporter Chen Binghua]

The resettlement community is not only an important guarantee to improve the living conditions of the land-expropriated people and promote the continuous development of urbanization, but also a powerful measure to improve people's livelihood and promote the harmonious development of society. In order to meet the increasing demands of the people for the living environment, the high-tech zone will make every effort to promote the overall transformation and improvement of the resettlement community by focusing on the outstanding issues that are of common concern to the people.

At the end of October this year, after solving the electricity consumption problem of the Jianjia Academy community in Shuixi Town, the high-tech zone paid close attention to the ordinary people's concerns, upsets, and concerns, and combined the theme education of “Don't forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind” In order to improve the situation, all the resettlement communities in the district will be investigated and similar issues will be comprehensively investigated and improved in a timely manner, so that the "stubborn diseases" affecting the living environment of the masses will be cured. It is understood that there are a total of 35 resettlement communities in the district, of which 2 are under construction and 10 are under construction.

Recently, the reporter came to the Tianshun Community in the East Management Office of the Chengdong Office and saw that the staff is rushing for the construction period and rushing to carry out hydropower construction. The construction workers were heard saying that they could be connected to water and electricity before the Spring Festival, and the residents present were relieved and applauded. It is understood that this community is a high-tech zone unified planning and design of the resettlement community. Since the completion of construction in 2008, due to various factors, more than 20 households resettled in the later period have problems such as water and electricity problems. "We are in the second batch of resettlement. It ’s been almost 5 years, and water and electricity have not been solved. Usually, washing clothes and toilets are all washed with well water, and barrels are raised upstairs. Electricity is also used for temporary construction. If something goes wrong, we are afraid to install an air conditioner in our home. ”Wang Tao, a resident, told reporters that some users in the community also managed to temporarily use water and electricity from nearby neighbors, and some wires were installed on windows or across the road. There are security risks.

In order to effectively and effectively solve the existing problems, the main leaders of the high-tech zone promoted high-level positions, quickly convened a special dispatch meeting, clarified responsible units and responsibilities and tasks, formulated a scientific construction plan, and reversed the construction period according to the time node; established regular communication with the water supply and power supply department Coordinate the mechanism, speed up construction, and strive for early water and electricity supply. At present, the water and electricity supply work has been fully started, and it is expected that all water and electricity will be available in the first half of next year, including the East Phase of Yaojiabian Community Phase 4, Wangjia Community, Tianshun Community, Taiping New Village, and Shuixi Township Lili Phase 2 Wait for 5 communities to be connected to hydropower before the Spring Festival.

In addition, the district also plans to invest 75 million yuan for the overall transformation and improvement of the outdoor environment of all resettlement communities. In accordance with the "point-by-point, model-led" approach, adopt the principles of overall transformation and full respect for public opinion, and adhere to starting with the issues most strongly reflected by the masses, focusing on road hardening, rain and sewage pipe network renovation, paving, greening, and installation of street lights. Each town (office) builds one or two environmental improvement demonstration communities, and implements improvement projects in stages and in batches, so as to improve the happiness and satisfaction of the masses, and better promote the improvement of urban quality.